Ava & Eve in This is MY Real Life Slave Brat Princess 2

Eve is new to the sorority house. She got accepted and moved in because she naturally is a dominant bitch. She is hot. A total level 1. Ava shows her her slave. She tells Eve about all the tasks he does for her. And teaches her that all the slaves need to always give them money. They must work hard to afford to be a slave to a Brat Princess. Beta is wearing chastity. Which is a good thing. Keeping betas caged really makes them weak and crazy. The weaker the better. Because then we get everything we want! Ava is going to let Eve borrow her slave. Eve gets to now experience and have fun with her new toy. Hopefully she isn’t too mean. 😉

  • Post published:13/09/2022
  • Post category:Femdom