Your teacher, Miss Sydney, had called you into her office to have a little chat. She knows what you’ve been doing… she’s seen you constantly staring at her ass, time and time again. It’s like you’re obsessed with it. This won’t do. She gets up and tells you she’s going to tell the principal. Your school career will be destroyed! As she’s getting ready to disclose your behavior, you beg her not to. You tell her you’ll do anything!

Anything? She asks.. well, maybe you should get naked for her then. Yes, strip right now! Nobody will see. She wants to see you naked, and kneeling in front of her. You don’t hesitate even a second. She can see you’re aroused, and orders you to jerk for her. You comply with all her demands. You know you had better, or she’ll tell the principal and that’ll be it for you.

She seems to be enjoying this new found power over you. She’s really got you by the balls doesn’t she? She now orders you to contort yourself and try to suck yourself off, and cum in your own mouth. To her excitement you actually do this. It’s becoming quite clear to both of you that you’re just her new bitch!