AstroDomina in KINGDOM CUM

I have you right where I want you, until I see that mesmerizing cock of yours. After that, all I want is for you to jerk off for me.
Stop right there! You know you are no match for Sydney, your superhero arch nemesis. Her superpowers are way stronger than yours. You should probably just stop resisting. Once Sydney strikes you with her hand, she can easily destroy you. Instead of fighting you, she makes you strip down instead. Wow! It seems Sydney is impressed by your cock. She can’t stop staring at it.
What is happening to her? Instead of the fierce dominant superhero from earlier, she becomes entranced by your cock and now she wants to help you play with it. As she slowly takes off her gear, she instructs you to stroke your cock for her. What a turn of events! You get mesmerized as she shows her ass to you. You only have one mission right now: jerking it until you cum. You never know if or when Sydney will snap out of this trance she’s in.

  • Post published:18/10/2022
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