Asher Eden in Vanilla GF Bimbo Takeover

Your girlfriend has insomnia, so you decide to send her an audio that will help her get to bed… but there’s a twist. She doesn’t know that the audio gave you access to her mind, allowing you to make changes. She starts out normal, but when you activate the conditioning she slips back and forth between the normal, vanilla version of her and an eager to please alter ego.

She tries to tell you that she isn’t into all that submissive stuff, so you decide to make her alter ego have a higher libido, call you Daddy, get hornier every time she acts like a bimbo or obeys. Your girlfriend is offended that you could want her to act like that, but can’t stop her alter ego from loving it! She touches herself, alternating between eagerly begging for you to change her more and pleading with you to stop.

Next you decide to change her appearance, giving her bigger breasts and more makeup. Her alter ego begs to fill her mouth, which you had gotten a dildo in anticipation for. Your gf is disgusted by the dumb, horny version of herself but can’t stop slipping into it. You tell her that she’d be happier this way, and if she cums the conditioning will completely take over!

To convince her, you change her into a sluttier outfit and give her a vibrator which she cannot help but use… even as she insists she won’t! Her alter ego desperately wants to takeover, filling her mouth and using the vibrator, ignoring the begging. Finally, she cums reluctantly, locking her in as a perfect bimbo.