ALSU in Unfair treatment of a slave girl Licking Girls Feet

Alsu does not like that kiana is a beautiful slave .. Because of this, Alsu despises her and constantly humiliates her morally. "Do you think you’re better than the rest of the slaves, slut? No.. You’re just as worthless as they are! See how dusty my soles are? That means you’re not cleaning well.. Now you’re licking this muck with your tongue!" – Alsu got her feet dirty on purpose, but not in the apartment .. kiana cleaned the apartment well, but Alsu just wanted to humiliate her. The slave carefully licked the dust from Alsu’s feet, listening to many humiliations against her. This is unfair to the slave, but Alsou doesn’t care.. she likes to watch kiana humiliate herself in front of her.