ALSU in I want you to swallow all the dirt off my feet Licking Girls Feet

Alsu is really annoyed by this old slave. No matter what monica does, Alsu always treats her with contempt and wants to humiliate her. Alsu deliberately stained her feet, after which she sat down on a chair and haughtily looked at the pathetic slave. "Do you understand what you have to do now? Do you know why you have to lick the dirt off my feet? Because you yourself are like dirt! My step-mother is much younger than you! Do you even understand your insignificance, loser?" – Alsu said to the slave with disgust. monica nodded shamefacedly and agreed with everything her young Mistress told her. She began to lick the dirt off Alsu’s feet and swallow it. This wasn’t enough for Alsu, and she spat in the face of the unfortunate old slave. Alsu pushed her feet deep into monica’s mouth and pulled her on the leash so that her feet reached her tonsils. monica tried her best but could not earn Alsu’s favor.