Alaina Rose in Who’s Your Master Reality Girls

Her awesome ass busting out of daisy dukes, little powerhouse Alaina destroys Pain Taker. Pretty Alaina with the rock hard body loves hurting people, growing up having to prove that once she got you on the ground, bigger girls, even guys would suffer. She knows a multitude of submission holds and applies all with full pressure. Every Reality Girl who locks on full nelson pays tribute to the great Pocahontas Jones, whose full nelson leaves her opponents coughing, nauseated and in abject terror their rotator cuffs will tear off at the shoulders. Alaina Rose is shorter than the great southern beauty, but applies a brutal version of the hold which she taunts Pain Taker for not being able to escape as he wears down and sinks to his knees. Pound for pund, Alaina’s strength and spunk is there with the best and she loves hurting people. Sleepers, standing headscissors that show her ass constricting with eye-popping power, straight headscisors and reverse headscissors that nearly pop his head off with the help of her great use of leverage.She watches with apathy; she just wants to keep dominating, and catches him in throatscissors that almost snaps his trach as she gator rolls him into a reverse wih the throatscissors still locked on, creating a torque in PT’s neck that could have finished him. Just taller than 5 feet and weighing about 105, Alaina is all muscle; she is unusully strong and she knows it, catching him in a tight standing headscissors and not letting go until he says she is his master. This visit, Alaina crossed paths with squeeze clown Ginger as the weak girl left. On the way home, Alaina promised that a match between the two would have the redhead begging for her life and making the chatty girl shutup by shoving her foot down her throat then using her face to wipe her feet.

  • Post published:18/10/2022
  • Post category:Femdom