Alaina Rose in Little Legs of Steel Reality Girls

Alaina Rose gets a turn at making Rob scream in pain. Every bit of the petite girl is muscle and she makes Rob yell in fear in her straight headscissors and throatscissors. When the fit girl has a hold locked on she is trying to inflict the most pain she can. Here in daisy dukes and a cutoff shirt showing of her washboard abs, Alaina tries so hard to pop his head off in a side headscissors he begs her to stop and she sighs in reluctantly releasing the hold. She has him screaming submissions in a jugular choke and smiles at what noises her headscissors pushes from him with her keds locked out hard. At one point, his teeth are audibly crunching in a jugular choke as the hot and ruthless girl draws him up, telling him "just go to rest.

  • Post published:18/10/2022
  • Post category:Femdom